Dishwasher Repairs Skelmersdale

Why Use S&D Ireland Dishwasher Repairs Skelmersdale?

Has your dishwasher let you down? Never fear, the Skelmersdale Dishwasher Repairs specialist are here. At S&D Ireland Skelmersdale, we are always happy to help. One of our experienced engineers can take a look at it for a £25 call out fee. All our staff are professional, based in the local area, and can get your Skelmersdale dishwasher back up and running in a flash.

Skelmersdale Dishwasher Repairs: Low Call Out Fee

If you are in the Skelmersdale region and your dishwasher has become faulty, then call us today. At S&D Ireland Skelmersdale domestic appliance repairs, we believe in transparent pricing. We charge a flat, fixed fee of £25 when you call us out. We find the fault with your dishwasher, and if we can fix your fault first time, we charge a flat rate labour fee of £45 plus the cost of parts and waive the call out charge completely.  Because our Skelmersdale Dishwasher Repair engineers carry a lot of the most common parts that are needed to repair faulty Skelmersdale dishwashers we can often fix them the first time!

Low-Cost Dishwasher Repairs in Skelmersdale

Sometimes faulty dishwashers cannot be fixed the first time. If this is the case, and we need to order parts from the manufacturer, then you only pay the £25 call out fee up front. When the replacement parts are in stock, we call you to book a convenient time and quote a firm price for fixing the dishwasher fault. We even take off the £25 call out fee you have already paid, so if you choose us to repair your dishwasher, then you effectively pay no call out fee at all. If your dishwasher is older or significantly damaged then sometimes we cannot repair it economically. If this proves to be the case, then you can use your £25 fixed Skelmersdale dishwasher repair call out fee as payment towards a replacement dishwasher from the selection in our store.

S&D Ireland Skelmersdale Dishwasher Repairs

We want you to have peace of mind when you have your Skelmersdale dishwasher repaired by us, so we give you a year’s guarantee on the parts we fit. If your Skelmersdale dishwasher needs fixing, call Skelmersdale dishwasher repairs specialist S&D Ireland today on 01695 768738.

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