Railway Safety Training

Why Use Recommendations for Railway Safety Training?

Some people can’t resist the temptation of trespassing on a railway track. In 2009, there were almost 9000 incidents of trespassing, and over 500 cases whereby the trespasser was almost struck by the train. Over 70 people were killed or seriously injured as a result of their trespassing.

On average, trains can travel up to 125mph. Such high speed travel and the nature of the way trains run means that vigilance of the track and removal of any obstacles or debris is vital for the safety of everyone on board. Though some train lines are notorious for delays, the safety of passengers and staff is much more important than trains running on time.

Railway safety training is essential for anyone working in the immediate vicinity of railway tracks. Although the industry is fighting to reduce the number of staff suffering from accidents on the track, part of the problem is that staff simply don’t possess the correct level of hazard awareness and perception, therefore putting themselves and other lives at risk.

Renown Railway Services provide in-depth safety and awareness courses to ensure staff are following critical safety guidelines. Anyone who gains access to the rail infrastructure as part of their job must first complete a Personal Track Safety Course. This is the minimum requirement, and educates candidates on accessing the infrastructure safely and what to do in emergency situations. Many other railway safety training courses are available, and many jobs in the rail industry require further training.

Renown Railway Services provide a range of courses, not only for railway safety training but health and safety courses, construction courses and small plant courses too. A leader in the industry of railway safety training courses, Renown Railway Services are, well, renowned for their first class training and comprehensive services, providing candidates with all the knowledge and experience they need to work safely on the rail infrastructure.

For more information on the services, training and railway training courses that Renown Railway Services offer, please visit their website.

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