Quick Property Sales

Why Use Recommendations for Quick Property Sales

These days, selling your house seems to involve a lot of time, hassle and stress. Estate agents fees are extortionate, and there is still no guarantee that your house will actually sell. The Chainbreakers offer a fast and easy alternative to estate agents and come highly recommended by the Why Use team.

The Chainbreakers guarantee quick property sales. As long as your house is valued at more than £50,000 they will buy it, regardless of condition or area. If you want to sell your home, The Chainbreakers want to buy it.

Receive a cash payment for your home in as little as seven days! The time period it takes to complete the sale is down to you – if you want the money in a week, it’s yours, if you’d prefer to wait a month, that’s fine too. The Chainbreakers will do everything they can to help make sure your move goes through quickly and smoothly. You can even remain in the house for a short period after it’s been sold; to give you time to get sorted.

So how does it work? Well it’s quite simple really. You can find out how much your house will sell for by simply filling in the quick form on The Chainbreakers website. They’ll give you a quote in 30 seconds, and the sale can go through the very same day should you accept their offer!

The benefits of quick property sales are huge. The average time taken to fully complete the process is 28-35 days, compared to the whopping seven months it could take with an estate agent. Selling your house with The Chainbreakers involves no costly estate agent fees or lengthy waiting periods and there’s no need to worry about time wasters, because you’re selling directly to a property company. The Chainbreakers require no upfront payments, and will even pay your legal fees! For a house priced at around £200,000, that could save you £2,500!

Use the cash from your quick property sale to settle your debts or ease your financial burden. You could downsize in property and save yourself money on mortgage payments, or save the hassle and arguments caused by selling your house for cash in the event of a relationship break-down.

So head on over to The Chainbreakers website and see how much you could benefit from quick property sales. It only takes 30 seconds, but it could change your life!

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