PTS Training Card

Why Use Recommendations for PTS Training Card

If you’re looking for a job in the rail industry or require access to the rail infrastructure, the chances are you’ll need a PTS Training Card.

A Personal Track Safety (PTS) Training Card signifies that you have undertaken PTS training and have passed all the relevant assessments. These include a medical and drug and alcohol screening. Candidates must also be sponsored by a registered link-up railway company before they can undertake PTS training.

A PTS Training Card is the basic requirement for access to the rail infrastructure and, since many workers in the rail industry must access the tracks at some point, is essential for a career in the rail industry.

PTS re-certification is required every two years, after which a new PTS Training Card will be issued. Working with the rail infrastructure is a huge responsibility, and employees have the lives of thousands of people in their hands, so efficient and effective training is of the utmost importance.

Renown Training are leaders in the training course industry and provide a wide range of courses, PTS Training being one of them. PTS Training covers all the basic knowledge required to be working on the rails, including: rail terminology, how to deal with certain situations, emergency procedures and assessing the infrastructure safely.

With qualified and experienced trainers and assessors, Renown Training provide a comprehensive PTS Training Course which, upon completion, will result in the candidate being awarded with a PTS Training Card. Further training and certification may be required for certain jobs, such as those that affect the geometry of the track or control line-related equipment.

Accredited by City and Guilds, Renown Training is a one-stop shop for all your training requirements. Providing courses for the rail and construction industry, they also offer small plant and health and safety training.

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