Kids Running Shoes

Why Use Recommendations for Kids Running Shoes

Kids love to run around and explore.

The best part of childhood is running through the fields and streets with your friends, discovering what to climb and creating adventures. The question is, what footwear should they be wearing?

If you answered trainers, that’s acceptable. It’s widely believed that trainers are good for your feet and, in light of the other shoes that are available, in a way that’s true. But the best form of footwear is no footwear. While this isn’t really possible in this modern day and age, footwear which is the next best thing to being barefoot would be the most beneficial. Which is why Vibram FiveFingers barefoot shoes are becoming so popular.

The human foot is made up from 52 bones, 66 joints and 40 muscles. When all these components work together it creates a highly complex movement, which isn’t possible to recreate with standard shoes. Vibram FiveFingers mimic the foot and allow all the muscles, joints and bones to move properly, in addition to the stimulation of thousands of nerve receptors on the soles of the foot. These sensors constantly gather information about the terrain and its texture, allowing for the accurate gauging of movement.

Kids running shoes from Vibram FiveFingers are ideal because the foot can move properly and return to the way it should naturally be used. This is essential for everyone but particularly for children, whose feet are still growing and are more susceptible to long term damage from ill-fitting or damaging shoes. Imagine experiencing the joy of running and climbing as if barefoot, but without the risk if damaging your feet from sharp debris. Vibram’s kids running shoes do exactly that, as well as being insanely cool – shaped like a foot with individual toes, what better shoe could a kid ask for?

Give your kids a ‘step’ in the right direction with a pair of kids’ running shoes from Vibram Five Fingers. Not only will they love the design, they’ll love experiencing a whole new range of textures and terrains too.


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