iPhone 5 Insurance

Why Use Recommendations for iPhone 5 Insurance

If you’ve ever gone out of the house with your expensive iPhone and returned with it either lost or damaged, you’ll know the importance of iPhone insurance. And with Christmas fast approaching, more and more of the new iPhone 5’s will be being bought, ready to be popped under the tree for when December 25th arrives, you’ll want to make sure that you have iPhone 5 insurance.

Apple’s latest smartphone offering is much lighter and thinner than its predecessors, meaning the likeliness of it getting damaged or pinched from your grasp without you realising are greater. With the popular gadget costing so much, you don’t want to be having to spend more money on something you’ve already bought should something bad happen to it.

Mygadgetbuddy.com is a popular insurance service, particularly for their great deals at low prices and it’s no different for iPhone 5 insurance.

Most policies on the market just cover damage, but their iPhone 5 insurance covers liquid damage, breakdown and theft, while for only a little bit extra a month, you can get covered for loss and protection worldwide – so you can be a bit calmer about looking after your phone on holiday.

You can get their cover via an easy process using their online quote tool. It only takes a few moments and then you’ll have cover worth up to £1,000. With monthly premiums starting from as little as £3.99 you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere else on the market.

As with all of their gadget insurance, policies from mygadgetbuddy.com have been crafted for gadget lovers to make sure customers will always have the use of their gadget.

Aside from iPhone 5 insurance the website also offers polices on a range of different equipment including digital cameras, games consoles, laptops and iPads. Take a look at their website to get the cover you need!

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