Grit and Rock Salt

Why Use Recommendations for Grit and Rock Salt

Winter brings with it a whole load of problems; from freezing cold weather and dark days to the chaos of Christmas and New Year. When it comes to winter, plenty of people recall the weather but often forget about the products required to make flooring safe and clear, such as grit and rock salt.

Most people, it seems, love snow. When it’s first falling all soft and fluffy it’s great, but all too soon it becomes trampled, compact and worse, icy. It’s the ice that poses the most danger, and the number of accidents and injuries that occur every year just because of ice is shocking. While there’s not much that can be done about the weather itself, you can help to make walkways, paths and car parks safer with a simple sprinkling of grit and rock salt from Greenvale.

A family run business in the North West of England, Greenvale have been operational for over 20 years and offer a huge range of products including turf, topsoil, aggregates, sand, grit and rock salt. Renowned in the area and offering free delivery across their entire range of products, Greenvale provide white and brown rock salt, both of which are equally effective but can be used for different purposes.

White rock salt is more aesthetically pleasing and blends in with the snow more effectively, so this rock salt is perfect for garden paths and areas which would be spoilt by brown rock salt. Rock salt works by bringing down the freezing temperature of water so that ice forms at lower temperatures. Greenvale grit and rock salt is effective down to temperatures of -7 degrees Celsius, so you can rest assured that your floors and areas will be much safer after the application of grit and rock salt.

Take a look at the range of products available from Greenvale and stock yourself up on grit and rock salt in preparation for the winter weather. Visit Greenvale Products today!

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