Dishwasher Repair Formby

Why Use S&D Ireland Dishwasher Repairs Formby?

Why should you use S&D Ireland Formby dishwasher repairs service? There are many reasons why you might wish to do so; we have a team of experienced and professional engineers, we are local to the Formby area and we offer a low-cost call out fee and fixed price repairs in many circumstances.

Formby Dishwasher Repairs: Low Call Out Fee

If you live in Formby and your dishwasher has broken down, then S&D Ireland Formby domestic appliance repairs specialist can help you. We charge a £25 call out fee to come and take a look at your dishwasher and identify what is wrong with it. If we are able to fix the dishwasher first time then we waive the £25 call out fee and only charge a flat, fixed rate of £45 for labour plus the price of the parts.  Our team of Formby Dishwasher Repair engineers all carry the most common spare parts for dishwashers on their vans, and so many repairs can be completed first time at the fixed rate price.

Low-Cost Dishwasher Repairs in Formby

If we need to order parts from the manufacturer, then we will call you as soon as we have found out whether the parts are available. We will quote you a final, fixed price for your repair and if you accept our quote, we will knock off the £25 call out fee from the total cost. Effectively you pay no call out fee when we cannot repair your dishwasher the first time. If your dishwasher is beyond economical repair then you can use your £25 fixed Formby dishwasher repair fee as a down payment towards a new dishwasher from our range.

S&D Ireland Formby Dishwasher Repairs

For your peace of mind, all of our repairs come with a twelve-month guarantee on the parts we have replaced. Find out what everyone is talking about and try our service! If your Formby dishwasher has broken down and you would like it to be repaired, call Formby Dishwasher Repairs specialist S&D Ireland today on 01704 779123.

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