Folding Rain Boots

Why Use Recommendations for Folding Rain Boots

Are you still getting soggy feet on rainy days? Why not put an end to those wrinkled toes and invest in a great pair of rain boots? Not only are they the best way to keep your feet snug and dry on a miserable wet day, they are a trendy and stylish fashion statement. Always caught out? The new folding rain boot from Redfoot Shoes is the ideal way to prepare for any weather!

Available in three specific ranges, the folding rain boot is a light-weight, water-proof and foldable piece of outstanding footwear. Compact and storable, they can be carried in your bag making sure you’ll never be caught out by the rain again!

The Patent, Textile & Rubber range arrive in two tasteful colours each. Lovely palates of patent black, patent red, red and ruby red means the folding rain boot can finish off any look on any rainy day, whether it’s dashing to the corner shop or a last-minute shopping trip with the girls. It’s thinner than most others on the market and is made from Redfoot’s Spacetex X25 rubber, unique material which makes it possible for the boot to be folded up into a small pouch. Fashion magazine giants Vogue know the practicality of these boots – they gave away a handy bag with one of their issues!

Fitted with a comfortable soft fleece lining, there’ll be no need for extra socks. The folding rain boot is finished off nicely with a fasten toggle to keep your feet safe. Light, comfortable and secure, you’ll never want to wear traditional, clunky wellies ever again.

Redfoot Shoes also stock a selection especially for festival weekends. Those who’ve ever been to one in Britain won’t need reminding of the swamp they can turn into should the rain make a headline appearance. The festival folding rain boot is durable; sharing the same flexibility as the other boots, and is available in a lovely selection of colours including a floral design which matches the season wonderfully.

Take a look the Redfoot’s must-have collection on their website – but you’ve been warned; you’ll want to splash the cash!

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