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Why Use Recommendations for Email Marketing

If you’re wondering how your business can generate more money without rising costs, email marketing is what you need. It’s one of the best ways to promote your business, while it doesn’t matter what you’re selling, whether it’s holidays, cars or light bulbs, email marketing can help any business.

While the process of sending emails to many different people is quite a simple one, there’s plenty of misinformation out there on how to achieve the best results. Wired Marketing are a UK based team of specialists, dedicated to boosting your email marketing results, providing an excellent customer service experience – and that’s why they come highly recommended by the Why Use team!

At Wired Marketing every client is presented with a dedicated account manager, whose job it is to build relationships, making sure each customer’s needs are adhered to. We like to think of each account manager as an ideal bridge between the client and the rest of the Wired Marketing team!

Wired Marketing guarantee top delivery rates, advanced analytics and are free to offer advice whenever you need them. Here are just some of the features they offer, that keep customers happy, all year round.

• Hot prospects reports allow you to target campaigns to individuals who’ve clicked on a link or opened an email more than once, thus making them hot prospects, people you know are interested in your product.

• Wired Marketing provide their very own drag and drop editor making it easier to edit text, images, structures and backgrounds. The editor not only allows you to create wonderful new designs that’ll dazzle your customers, it will save you time and money too!

• Analysing data is vital for email marketing to keep track of how well you’re doing and which types of customers you’re targeting. Wired Marketing provides segmentation queries, powerful data analysis to help your campaign discover key information like the behaviour and geographical locations of users.

Email marketing from Wired Marketing is cost effective and can be set up on a pay-as-you-send or contract basis. With top delivery rates and the choice to choose a fully managed campaign, they are a company that we love dealing with! You can even try their platform free of charge with a 30 day trial! What’s not to love!

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