Diesel Bug Prevention

Why Use Recommendations for Preventing Diesel Bug

In the current economic climate, running a vehicle is expensive enough, without the added cost of paying for repairs and maintenance work.

The presence of water in diesel fuel can be harmful to your engine in a variety of ways. It can cause components to rust, inhibit engine performance and cause increased wear and tear of injection components.

Using Aquasolve can help eliminate all these problems, including the prevention of diesel bug, which can (and often does) cause substantial damage to the fuel system.

Diesel bug can contaminate the fuel tank from the air, or it may already be present in the fuel. Diesel is an organic fuel, and therefore provides the perfect breeding environment for bacteria. Diesel bug can lay dormant in tiny crevices in the coatings of the tank, and – when even the smallest droplet of water is present and the temperature is right – will begin to grow rapidly. The bacteria can develop into a large mass which coats the fuel/water interface within a matter of hours. The only way to solve the problem is to clean the entire system with the correct cleaning agent, a process you want to avoid!

Aquasolve is a unique blend of fluids, similar to household cleaning products. It breaks down the barrier between water and fuel to create a stable mixture, whilst remaining safe for all components of the engine and fuel system. Tests have even shown that Aquasolve improves fuel consumption by an average of 7%, although of course this depends on the amount used, driving style etc. Aquasolve prevents the contamination and development of diesel bug by removing any traces of water in the fuel, so the bacteria can’t grow – a groundbreaking new product that is making waves in the road haulage, diesel trains, yacht & marine, agricultural & plant, leisure and the oil industries.

Aquasolve will not adversely affect your engine performance or any other aspects of the engine and fuel system. Indeed, extensive testing has shown that Aquasolve is beneficial to many components. To get the most out of your engine, and to keep it running efficiently, as well as saving money – the Why Use team highly recommend using Aquasolve.

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