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Why Use Recommendations for Designer Menswear

Arctic Monkeys once sang ‘you’re a fad you’re a fashion’ which is a similar feeling Oi Polloi had ten years ago when they set up with the aim of providing men with an alternative to the uninspired fashion trends of the high street. They’ve searched all corners of the globe in search of designer menswear to form their range, which includes a mixture of classic and contemporary styles.

Their selection includes some brands you’ll know like Converse, Levi’s and Timberland while you’ll find some absolutely brilliant unheard of brands including Folk, Estribus and Calabrese all offering style, quality and comfort.

Oi Polloi’s selection of T-shirts is one of their most popular lines because they offer styles to suit any look. Horizontally striped designs from Armour-Lux are the perfect way to compliment denim jeans with vibrant combinations including blue and white, navy and ecru. Made with 100% cotton, these shirts are the benchmark to which all similar collections should follow.

In the last few years stylish knitwear has become ideal winter clothing. Stocking a selection of different pieces from different designers, Norse Projects stands out. Visually eye-catching in colours of sunflower yellow and molten lava red and made with 100% lambs wool, their knitwear is as comfortable as it looks. Textured pineapple knit with a thick ribbed collar add to this collection of magnificent designer menswear.

No look is complete without just the right type of shoes to finish it all off. Another area Oi Polloi excels in, Eastland and Veras are particular head turners. For those days when you just want to skulk around without a cause, Eastland’s Seneca 5 Eye Mocc Boots are ideal. Lightweight, with a cushioned insole and coloured in a unique peanut shade, they’re great for those casual days.

Veras offer a different type of shoe. Based in Spain they’ve created the Santander, a design created to allow your feet the air they need in hot conditions, without sacrificing your look. Available in beige, they’re the perfect compliment to a casual holiday look.

Oi Polloi really keep to their word and provide designer menswear that’s different, superior and stylish. Highly recommend by the Why Use team (and their girlfriends)!

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