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Why Use Recommendations for Cycle Stands

With a current rise in the popularity of cycling, it’s likely that more and more people are going to be travelling to school, work, leisure centres and other urban areas much more regularly and they’ll want to park their bike somewhere that’s going to be secure.

Allpark are experts in providing organisations and business with high quality traffic safety equipment. They also provide a range of excellent cycle stands, supplying them to schools, universities and bus stations to name a few. Their ranges are competitively priced, while their contracts with councils and hospitals show you just how highly thought of their cycle stands are.

Below is a selection of their most popular stands: • Sheffield Toast Rack Cycle Stand – Offering the classic look this stand is available in two different finishes of powder coated and galvanised, lovely finishes that complement outdoor areas. Fixed to the ground securely, the stand can fit a minimum of 4 bikes and a maximum of 16 depending on your needs and how much you want to pay. There’ll certainly be no chance of theft once a bike is connected to this stand!

• Wall Mounted Eltham Trough – A great space saving bike rack, the Eltham Trough bolts effectively onto walls to provide a protected hook for hanging bikes on. For even greater security it offers a locking loop and a stabiliser for the rear wheel.

• Cycle Shelter / Sized to Order – Not only does this stand secure your bike and locked area, it shelters it from rain too! And not only is it ideal for bikes, its big enough to house motorbikes as well. The stand works best when bolted down to concrete, while the roof is made with 0.5mm thick steel to provide excellent security.

To see the complete Allpark cycle stands range, take a look at their website.

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