Construction Industry Scheme

Why Use Recommendations for Construction Industry Scheme

The Construction Industry Scheme Ltd provide companies with a risk and liability free way of working with sub-contracted workers in the construction industry. CIS absolves companies of any responsibility for the liability and taxation compliancy of sub-contractors that have been hired by them.

CIS removes responsibility from employers to help reduce the stress of finding and hiring new employees, including:

• No responsibility for National Insurance, holiday or sick pay
• No future pension contributions
• No limits on savings
• No involvement with grievance procedures

Construction Industry Scheme Ltd are not an agency and don’t determine the wages of your employees, they just handle the payroll so you don’t have to. They ensure that your employees have correct documentation to state that they’re self-employed, and provide employees with a contract for the work they’ll undertake.

The Construction Industry Scheme doesn’t just benefit the company; it’s good for the employees too. It enables them to re-claim tax expenses, resulting in a higher income, and retains their self-employed status for the proof of HMRC.

Using the Construction Industry Scheme Ltd lowers administration costs and saves a great deal of time, as they take care of all employee contracts, invoices, annual accounts and returns. Take the stress off your hands by contacting the Construction Industry Scheme, Ltd and allow yourself the flexibility of working outside Agency Worker Regulations.

With no hidden costs and highly competitive prices from just £40 per month and no locked in contract, CIS are well worth a look at if you regularly employ sub-contractors and want to keep yourself covered, whilst saving yourself time and money.

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