Area Lighting

Why Use Recommendations for Area Lighting

Remote area lighting eliminates the need for straining your eyes in the dark and trying to see what you are doing. A fantastic versatile product, remote area lighting can be used pretty much anywhere you need it, from late night fishing to farming, emergency situations to working at night. Samalite is a leading company in the portable lighting industry, providing remote area lighting for a range of companies and industries worldwide. The versatility and functionality of these products allows for powerful, maintenance free lighting which can last for up to 29 hours. Samalite remote lighting consists of a large, powerful torch which attaches to a telescopic floodlight. Available with different high-powered beams to provide the exact field of light you require, remote area lighting is compact, lightweight and perfectly portable. All lighting can be adjusted to low, medium or high power, allowing for the preservation of battery life should high powered lighting not be required. Of course, all aspects of the lighting are waterproof and weatherproof, withstanding even the most adverse of weather conditions. Remote lighting is ideal for leisure activities in addition to being essential maintenance and emergency equipment. For those who care for horses, cattle or own farmland, winter is a difficult time because darkness sets in so early. Any maintenance work or caring for the animals requires light for efficiency and safety. Remote area lighting makes it practical and easy to complete tasks which would be difficult in the dark. Farmers in particular will benefit hugely from using remote area lighting; lambing in the middle of the night is incredibly difficult! Area lighting is also ideal for fishing, allowing equipment and fish to be spotted with ease. The versatility, practicality and portable nature of remote lighting really does allow for use anywhere. An essential piece of equipment for many industries, and indeed leisure purposes, remote lighting from Samalite is incredibly tough and durable, guaranteeing longevity.
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