Anti Slip Flooring

Why Use Recommendations for Anti Slip Flooring

Picture the scene: You’re happily walking along, minding your own business, when your foot suddenly slips from underneath you and you crash to the ground.

Not only are you subject to humiliation and embarrassment; you could be injured too. While the matter of slipping and falling can be quite comedic, the fact is that over 1 million accidents every year are the result of slipping. That amounts to a large amount of pain, discomfort, sick days and, most likely, compensation claims.

Anti slip flooring is designed to make slippery surfaces safer and easier to walk on. There are a number of variations of anti-slip flooring: anti-slip strips and cleats, anti-slip treads, stair nosings, anti-slip panels and DDA compliant treads and nosings.

Councils, railways and other industries where the general public use their premises must ensure that any anti-slip nosings and treads are DDA compliant. DDA treads and nosings satisfy the Disability Discrimination Act by being ‘made apparent by means of a permanently contrasting material 55mm wide on both the tread and the riser.’

Gripfast DDA compliant treads and nosings ensure that people with sight difficulties can be aware of the edge of the step and therefore reduce the risk of falling. Available in a variety of finishes, DDA compliant treads are the most common type of anti slip flooring and remove liability from the premises and company.

Anti-slip flooring can be used both indoors and outdoors, and is particularly useful on decking and metal surfaces which pose an increased hazard in wet and icy weather.

Factories and premises where a liquid may be spilt on the floor benefit hugely from anti slip flooring. Grease and oil are incredibly slippery and the risk to employees is substantial. Gripfast have worked with a number of well known companies in the food industry, including Cadbury’s, Heinz and Coca-Cola to provide anti-slip flooring and reduce the risk of slipping and injury.

If you would like more information about anti slip flooring or would like to view the products that Gripfast have to offer, head over to the Gripfast website.

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