African Huts

Why Use Recommendations for African Huts

Looking for the perfect adornment for your garden? A breath-taking feature that will stand out from the crowd? Breeze House build stunning, original African huts for your garden.

Breeze House African huts are a gorgeous addition to any garden or outdoor living area. Ideal for a relaxing summer evening drink or a gathering with friends; a Breeze House can cater for all your outdoor needs. A Breeze House has to be seen to be appreciated and showroom visits can be arranged so that you can really appreciate first hand the beauty of these African style gazebos.

The inspiration for the Breeze House design and structure struck in 1995, when the founder visited Africa. He was inspired by the open sided, native African structures which provided perfect shelter from the sun and rain. Back home, he was determined to build something similar and the Breeze House was born.

In 1997, the first Breeze House was unveiled and the country loved it! Over the years, Breeze House have won a plethora of prestigious awards from the Spring Gardening Show Malvern Gold Medal from 2002-2009 inclusive, to the CLA Game Fair-Best Stand 2006.

In addition, the Breeze House website has a whole host of testimonials praising the company’s fantastic customer service, efficient installation of Breeze Houses and customers’ overall satisfaction so you know they really are the company to go to for that perfect garden structure.

No two Breeze Houses are the same. Each Breeze House is hand-built by skilled craftsman, who use their own artistic impression to complete the design. There are a selection of African huts to choose from, ranging from small to large and priced accordingly. The smallest size caters for up to 4 adults (including a table), with the largest comfortably accommodating 10 armchairs!

Each Breeze House comes with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity, which proves the structure is a genuine Breeze House design and is also proof of its outstanding quality.

So what are you waiting for? If you fancy the idea of a summer house or gazebo structure, check out the Breeze House website and give them a call. The Why Use team love using their handy garden planning tool and their customer service is excellent too! Perfect!

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