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Once of a day, fire alarms were bulky, unsightly and required the installation of an entire system to ensure that the whole building was kept safe. But in the past two decades, the introduction of wireless fire alarms has allowed the security of a building to be maintained entirely through a wireless system, meaning that fire alarms no longer need to remain in the same place and affect the décor and aesthetic value of a building.

The huge improvement of radio and wireless technology means you can rest assured that wireless fire alarms are just as reliable as wired systems, and there is a wide selection to choose from. Of course, modern wireless fire alarms are much more discreet and sleek than their traditional counterparts, and are suitable for any size of premises, from a large office block to a small store.

The Safety Centre

The Safety Centre are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of wireless fire alarms systems; regardless of the size or complexity of the system, their competent and friendly staff can utilise a wireless fire alarm system into any industrial or commercial property. The range of wireless fire alarms available from the Safety Centre includes: control panels, repeater panels, sounders, call systems, call points and beacons.

With a range of sophisticated features available across a selection of models, such as the ability to input the location of individual fire alarms, wireless fire alarms are an essential piece of equipment for larger buildings and premises that a large number of people resort to.

There are a number of accessories available for wireless fire alarms too, including power supply boards, transmitters, receivers and reset keys, so whatever you need for your wireless fire system, the Safety Centre are the only store you need to provide all the equipment you could require.

Keep your building, premises, staff and visitors safe with wireless fire alarms systems from The Safety Centre.

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